6 Random Questions x Style Blogger – Nnenna Echem

Nnnena Echem is a 24 year old style influencer from Oslo. She currently studies and runs a blog which covers her personal style, fashion, beauty tips, travel and lifestyle at nnennaechem.com. She is also a content contributor for popular blogportal femelle.no

We recently got to know her a little bit more through 6 random questions about herself and her personal style which we adore here at afronorsk.

AN: What is the last clothing item you bought?
Nnnenna: A trenchcoat!

AN: How will you describe your style?
Nnenna: I love being chic. I love that little…extra when I plan my outfits. Either it being accessories or something that makes the outfit pop!

AN: What current trends are you loving?
Nnnenna: I’m loving the ‘off the shoulders trend’ ❤

AN: For fashion- Paris or Italy?
Nnenna: Paris!!!

AN: What is your most treasured thing in your closet? 


Nnenna: I love all my handbags…I’m obsessed with handbags.I am loving Gucci ATM.




AN: Describe the fashion scene in Norway in 3 words.

Nnenna: Minimalistic, creative and classy!

Follow Nnenna’s blog for style inspiration at www.nnennaechem.com


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