Literature Husets hosts ‘Somali Days – A Nation Of Poets’ May 5 – May 7, 2017

What does it mean to be Somali today, and how is the new generation influencing the literature? During these Somali days at the House of Literature in Oslo, these questions will be discussed by invited writers and intellectuals.

To begin it’s 10th year anniversary celebrations, Litteratur Huset is dedicating its first weekend in May to new Somali Literature.

From May 5th – May 7th Somali literature, poetry and identity will be discussed amongst vibrant minds, young writers, artists and musicians living in different parts of the world with Somali roots.

They will be articulating amongst others the experience of straddling different cultures and the often complex and challenging relationship to the ‘motherland’. They will also be sharing on how they are working to create new standards for writing literature which carry on history and culture.

For information on the full program and guest speakers visit Litteraturhusets website here




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