New Music! Head In The Game – Nora Toure


16 year old Nora Toure from Oslo self wrote her new song, ‘Head In The Game‘ in January 2017. ‘Head In The Game’ is the third instalment of her Afro Trap series available on youtube.

She describes Afro Trap as a blend of ‘Afro beats rhythm and Trap’ from the hip hop scene in the USA and got inspired by French African Rapper MHD to explore this genre.

‘Afro- Trap began with French African Rapper MHD in 2015. It is a popular music genre in french speaking countries but not so popular in Norway. I am the first in Norway to sing or rap in this genre’ – Nora

In the music video she showed multicultural Norway and also chose to have her natural afro hair on to reinforce the #blackgirlmagicispoppin movement.

‘What is different with the third instalment in my Afro-Trap series is the language. My first two songs in the series where delivered in Norwegian. I have now chosen to since in english in order to open up my music to not just Norway but a wider international audience.’ – Nora

According to Nora, success is mostly gained through 70% hard work and 30% talent, which is what the song talks about…

‘Life is a game and it is difficult to get to the top, stay focused and have your Head In The Game’ – Nora

Nora who was also a finalist in 2015’s Melodi Grand Prix Junior has been singing for as long as she remembers but rapping was not something she began before the autumn in 2016.

‘I went on vacation to my roots in Togo, West Africa and I discovered MHD and was influenced by many other african artists.’

‘Head In The Game’ was produced by Cheetah Boy and the video was filmed and edited by Philip Geertsen. You can listen to the three part series here

 Featured image by Carmen Lopez.


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