Oslo World Festival 2017

It is the 24th year of the annual Oslo World Festival in 2017 and the line up has never been more exciting. Formally known as Oslo World Music Festival the festival has been changed to simply ‘Oslo World’ to expand its definition beyond just music to include art, fashion, film, performing arts and more.

The festival holds over 6 days in 27 scenes and with over a hundred international artists from October 31 –  November 5, 2017.

This year’s festival theme is “Avant-garde in the periphery”. The artist line up is made up of people who are activists, promote radical ideas, unconventional  and pioneers. Artists that one might not immediately place under the avant-garde genre, but who have used their voice and the arts consciously or subconsciously to create social change.

Performances to look out for include Calypso Rose from Trinidad and Tobago, pianist and composer Chassol from France, Semba singer Bonga from Angola and the beautiful CEU from Brazil.

For information and the full line up of performances please click here.


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