What You Need To Know About Modern Day Slavery In Libya

According to major reports africans from The Gambia, Senegal, Sudan, Nigeria, Guinea, Ivory Coast and many others fleeing their homeland for various reasons with the hope to end up in Europe have fallen into the wrong hands in Libya and are being sold as slaves. Most are auctioned off for as little as $400. Libya has been a major migrant route into Europe.

It is unimaginable that this is occurring in a world that appears to have fought an is still fighting for the idea that all humans are born free. It is unimaginable that dark cloud of human slavery still hovers over us in this world.

“The power vacuum caused by the fall of Muhammad Gadaffi and the attempts of the European Union to stop migrants travelling into Europe through the mediterranean has led to more people being stuck in the North African Country without food or drink.” – Aljazeera.com

According to  a statement by the French Foreign Ministry, the French government have called for an emergency meeting of the UN security council to discuss on this nightmare and consider new measures to tackle the growing problem of trafficking of migrants in Libya.

A petition requiring a million signatures to ask the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, the UN and the African Union to take immediate and concrete measures to stop the human trafficking is available here on change.org.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
    Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein
  • Boris Johnson MP

Photo Credit: http://www.aa.com.tr


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