10 Tips On Reinventing Your Closet At No Cost

Long overdue post! We chatted style blogger Suzy Fleurette Nnomo @7coloredflower on instagram recently about her on going experiment not to buy new clothes for a year! We contacted her at the start of her experiment and promised to check in half way through. Here are 10 tips she shared with us on how she started this journey and has survived so far…

  1. Prepare and organise yourself before the journey: that means, make sure you have enough necessary items in your wardrobe that you are going to use multiple times and in multiple ways.
  2. Tell people around you about the journey: People around you will kind of watch you because they don’t really believe that you can achieve such a goal.
  3. Please avoid shopping stores: This is not easy but start window shopping if you can, then eventually you will stop hanging around shopping stores. They are too tempting.
  4. Unfollow all your favorite clothes-related Instagram accounts during the journey!
  5. Start doing something creative if you don’t have one already. Spend more time improving your special skills or find a new hobby.
  6. Exchange clothes with friends and family if necessary or find events near you that actually offers people the opportunity to exchange clothes.
  7. Explore your wardrobe more! You actually have more clothes that you are aware of! Go to the basement and unpack your old boxes with clothes!
  8. I will also recommend to give away or sell clothes that you are not using anymore. Get rid of them! They are invading your space for nothing.
  9. Dare to fix and repair what you already have. By doing this you will learn to see potential in your items.
  10. Last but not least, use and abused! Use everything You have available. Your personal style might be challenged but hey! You will end up daring and not really caring.

So we guess our question is…will you dare go a year with purchasing clothes?


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