Diversity in Fashion Week 2019.

The fashion world has almost shed its reservations, and narrow mindedness and open-heartedly welcomed positive changes in terms of inclusiveness. True diversity on the runway was embraced by  New York Fashion week by including models of all genders, sizes, races and ages. This has been done to uphold the message that fashion is for all and there can be no discrimination.

Valentino show at Paris Couture SS19 Fashion Week. Credit: http://www.w24.co.za

36% the models  on the runway across  New York, Paris, Milan and London were  women of color. New York Fashion Week’s most booked models were from countries like Nigeria or Korea. 2 out of 5 models were colored which is a record-breaking instance of true diversity portrayed in the fashion world and speaks volumes about acceptance and changing mindsets.

Tommy x Zendaya at Paris Fashion Week 2019. Photo Credit: Oberrauch – Dragone / Gorunway.com

Fashion Week Spring 2019 saw a soaring number of plus size women being on the runway. Plus size women had always been neglected in previous fashion shows, but in 2019, 54 plus size women had made appearance in about 15 Spring shows. New York designers like Chromat and Christian Siriano led the pack in introducing plus-size models for their shows.

Spring 2019 saw a huge number of transgender models on the runway . A total number of 91 transgender appearances happened, which is groundbreaking for the fashion industry. New York Fashion Week once again stole the show for being the most diverse; 53 of the 91 transgender appearances were on the New York runway. London had 16 transgender women, Paris 16 and Milan 6.

Dominique Jackson posing on the Marco Marco runway. JENNIFER GRAYLOCKGETTY IMAGES

Models well above 40 or 50 were not left out in New York, Milan and London. Milan had the highest number of models above the age of 50 after New York owing to the Dolce & Gabbana Spring show. It is a welcome change to see more inclusion in the fashion industry.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by WWD/REX/Shutterstock (10128425ar)
Grace Jones on the catwalk
Tommy Hilfiger show, Runway, Fall Winter 2019, Paris Fashion Week, France – 02 Mar 2019

Written by Mosunmi G.

10 Tips On Reinventing Your Closet At No Cost

Long overdue post! We chatted style blogger Suzy Fleurette Nnomo @7coloredflower on instagram recently about her on going experiment not to buy new clothes for a year! We contacted her at the start of her experiment and promised to check in half way through. Here are 10 tips she shared with us on how she started this journey and has survived so far…

– Prepare and organise yourself before the journey: that means, make sure you have enough necessary items in your wardrobe that you are going to use multiple times and in multiple ways.
– Tell people around you about the journey: People around you will kind of watch you because they don’t really believe that you can achieve such a goal.
– Please avoid shopping stores: This is not easy but start window shopping if you can, then eventually you will stop hanging around shopping stores. They are too tempting.
– Unfollow all your favorite clothes-related Instagram accounts during the journey!
– Start doing something creative if you don’t have one already. Spend more time improving your special skills or find a new hobby.
– Exchange clothes with friends and family if necessary or find events near you that actually offers people the opportunity to exchange clothes.
– Explore your wardrobe more! You actually have more clothes that you are aware of! Go to the basement and unpack your old boxes with clothes!
– I will also recommend to give away or sell clothes that you are not using anymore. Get rid of them! They are invading your space for nothing.
– Dare to fix and repair what you already have. By doing this you will learn to see potential in your items.
– Last but not least, use and abused! Use everything You have available. Your personal style might be challenged but hey! You will end up daring and not really caring.
So we guess our question is…will you dare go a year with purchasing clothes?

Welcome Zozo to Afronorsk!

Make way for Zozo! We are excited to be welcoming beautiful Zozo; photographer and owner of afro-danish blog My Beautiful People as a contributor on afronorsk.com! Zozo originally comes from South Africa and currently lives in Denmark, in addition to running a blog and photography, Zozo works a day job.

She is passionate about all things African especially representation in Scandinavia which is why she set out to launch her blog called My Beautiful People to capture the beauty of every day africans in Denmark. Her message with her blog is to declare; We are beautiful, We are here, We will be represented.

Zozo will be sharing on Afronorsk her adventures in Denmark, her home country South Africa and her passions and thoughts on Africa and Afroscandinivia. You can look out for her adventures under the feature category.

We are delighted to have you on board Zozo and look forward to going on many adventures with you.


photo credit: Jacob Crawfurd.

Genesis Award Is Coming!

Genesis Awards; an event created to recognise and celebrate the innovative bright minds shaping the new future within the African Norwegian community have released a promo video ahead of the event scheduled to hold on the 21st of April 2018 at Sentralen Kvadraturen Oslo. Details on tickets for the event can be found on their website here

Hear directly from the event’s founder Afronorsk designer; Kinam.

New Music from Efe

Oslo based hip hop/dancehall artist Efe has got new music out and this one is called ‘Ginger’.

Efe was raised with and was first exposed to music by his parents who were involved in church music. This has been a blessing and a curse for him; a curse in the way of high expectations from his parents who are skilled in the same area (music) where his passion lies.

He moved to Norway when he was 15 after living in Nigeria and New york. For Efe making music is a form of expressing himself, which he does through his lyrics.

Lyrics are an important element of my music, many of the texts are based on events that have occurred in my life. Through the texts, i want to inspire others to not lose faith – Efe

Listen, share and enjoy his single; ‘Ginger‘…


What You Need To Know About Modern Day Slavery In Libya

According to major reports africans from The Gambia, Senegal, Sudan, Nigeria, Guinea, Ivory Coast and many others fleeing their homeland for various reasons with the hope to end up in Europe have fallen into the wrong hands in Libya and are being sold as slaves. Most are auctioned off for as little as $400. Libya has been a major migrant route into Europe.

It is unimaginable that this is occurring in a world that appears to have fought an is still fighting for the idea that all humans are born free. It is unimaginable that dark cloud of human slavery still hovers over us in this world.

“The power vacuum caused by the fall of Muhammad Gadaffi and the attempts of the European Union to stop migrants travelling into Europe through the mediterranean has led to more people being stuck in the North African Country without food or drink.” – Aljazeera.com

According to  a statement by the French Foreign Ministry, the French government have called for an emergency meeting of the UN security council to discuss on this nightmare and consider new measures to tackle the growing problem of trafficking of migrants in Libya.

A petition requiring a million signatures to ask the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, the UN and the African Union to take immediate and concrete measures to stop the human trafficking is available here on change.org.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
    Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein
  • Boris Johnson MP

Photo Credit: http://www.aa.com.tr