Diversity in Fashion Week 2019.

The fashion world has almost shed its reservations, and narrow mindedness and open-heartedly welcomed positive changes in terms of inclusiveness. True diversity on the runway was embraced by  New York Fashion week by including models of all genders, sizes, races and ages. This has been done to uphold the message that fashion is for all and there can be no discrimination.

Valentino show at Paris Couture SS19 Fashion Week. Credit: http://www.w24.co.za

36% the models  on the runway across  New York, Paris, Milan and London were  women of color. New York Fashion Week’s most booked models were from countries like Nigeria or Korea. 2 out of 5 models were colored which is a record-breaking instance of true diversity portrayed in the fashion world and speaks volumes about acceptance and changing mindsets.

Tommy x Zendaya at Paris Fashion Week 2019. Photo Credit: Oberrauch – Dragone / Gorunway.com

Fashion Week Spring 2019 saw a soaring number of plus size women being on the runway. Plus size women had always been neglected in previous fashion shows, but in 2019, 54 plus size women had made appearance in about 15 Spring shows. New York designers like Chromat and Christian Siriano led the pack in introducing plus-size models for their shows.

Spring 2019 saw a huge number of transgender models on the runway . A total number of 91 transgender appearances happened, which is groundbreaking for the fashion industry. New York Fashion Week once again stole the show for being the most diverse; 53 of the 91 transgender appearances were on the New York runway. London had 16 transgender women, Paris 16 and Milan 6.

Dominique Jackson posing on the Marco Marco runway. JENNIFER GRAYLOCKGETTY IMAGES

Models well above 40 or 50 were not left out in New York, Milan and London. Milan had the highest number of models above the age of 50 after New York owing to the Dolce & Gabbana Spring show. It is a welcome change to see more inclusion in the fashion industry.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by WWD/REX/Shutterstock (10128425ar)
Grace Jones on the catwalk
Tommy Hilfiger show, Runway, Fall Winter 2019, Paris Fashion Week, France – 02 Mar 2019

Written by Mosunmi G.

‘Don’t Look Basic’ – Kinam Summer 2017 Collection

We had a chat with Wax Print Designer – Kinam about her 2017 summer collection set to be released this May, along with her online store and we cannot wait for its launch! Here is what she had to say…

AN: Tell us about your summer collection…

Kinam: It is called Don’t Look Basic and it is all about daring to be different. People shy away from clothing with vibrant patterns and colours In these parts. Greys, nudes and plain colours are ‘safe’, no doubt…but they become boring and basic over time. So this collection is all about daring to be different. It is about exploring flamboyant bold colours and prints.AN: How did you go about deciding the direction for this collection?

Kinam: I went with ‘daring’. Both in bold colours, patterns and cuts. I was inspired by the colourful patterns of traditional clothing in Ghana my birth country and also contemporary designs in Norway the country I have grown up in, I love both countries. So this guided my creativity.

AN: What does it mean to be proudly peculiar?

Kinam: Being proudly peculiar is not just about clothes, it’s so much deeper than that. Being proudly peculiar is about you owning who you are, being unapologetically you. You being your authentic self, you daring to be different and not trying to fit in.

Wear what you want to wear because you approve of it , and dont let the society dictate what you should wear. Embrace whatever it is that makes you stand out. Express yourself. Be ‘Proudly Peculiar’

AN: What is the collection made up of?

Kinam: Statement dresses, shirts for men, ruffled shirts for women and wide legged summer trousers for women. It will also feature 7 different summer jackets for men and women.

AN: Would you describe the collection as…Sexy, Casual, Formal?

Kinam: I will describe it as casual, sexy, fearless, bold, eye-candy and fun. Wearable to festivals, casual dinners and fancy restaurants. Wearable anywhere depending on how you style it and combine it with other clothes. It can be dressed up or down. You will always look chic and fabulous in Kinam.

AN: What type of person is this collection for?

Kinam: It’s for that strong, bold, flamboyant, confident, nerdy and cool chick or guy. For anyone who is tired of looking like the person sitting next to you on the bus. If you love to turn heads then Kinam is for you!

I hope my collection will inspire peolple to want to wear colorful clothes. – Kinam

AN: When can we get a sneak peek of this collection?

Kinam: At the party to celebrate the launch of my online store on May 14.

AN: Will the collection be available for sale on the website?

Kinam: Yes.

AN: Will delivery also be available outside Norway?

Kinam: Yes

AN: In three words describe Kinam Summer 2017

Kinam: Bold, Sexy Colorful.

Enjoy a sneak peak of Kinam’s Summer 2017 collection at the launch party of its online store on May 14, 2017 at Uhørt from Kl 1500. You can also shop the new collection at kinam.no