Trevor Stuurman, South African influencer

Trevor Stuurman. Thè South African influencer, if you do not know who he is then google  him. The most talented and down to earth person.  More images visit

6 Random Questions x Style Blogger – Nnenna Echem

Nnnena Echem is a 24 year old style influencer from Oslo. She currently studies and runs a blog which covers her personal style, fashion, beauty tips, travel and lifestyle at She is also a content contributor for popular blogportal

We recently got to know her a little bit more through 6 random questions about herself and her personal style which we adore here at afronorsk.

AN: What is the last clothing item you bought?
Nnnenna: A trenchcoat!

AN: How will you describe your style?
Nnenna: I love being chic. I love that little…extra when I plan my outfits. Either it being accessories or something that makes the outfit pop!

AN: What current trends are you loving?
Nnnenna: I’m loving the ‘off the shoulders trend’ ❤

AN: For fashion- Paris or Italy?
Nnenna: Paris!!!

AN: What is your most treasured thing in your closet? 


Nnenna: I love all my handbags…I’m obsessed with handbags.I am loving Gucci ATM.




AN: Describe the fashion scene in Norway in 3 words.

Nnenna: Minimalistic, creative and classy!

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